Credit crisis diary: Vince proves he's still a credit crunch catch

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Directors hope for a Myners strike on pay

Invitations were sent out yesterday for the 11th Association of Investment Companies' conference for directors. The lavish affair at London's Hilton, Park Lane, focuses on investor and wealth manager views on what they like about investment companies and what they want from boards. The keynote speech, interestingly, will be given by a certain Lord Myners, the man under pressure to quit his role as Financial Services Secretary for waving through Fred Goodwin's pension package. If his speech is "What directors want from government", the answer might well be "Lord Myners overseeing our remuneration".

A marked message to G20 protesters

Mark, the square anti-hero from Channel 4's brilliant comedy Peep Show might have had a thing or two to say to the G20 protesters this week. In the third series, some two years before the crunch, he expounds his economic theory to a group of ecstasy-addled hippies: "There are systems for a reason in this world. Economic stability, interest rates, growth, it's not all a conspiracy to keep you in little boxes, all right? It's only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means you're not lying in your own shit, dying at 43 with rotten teeth. And a little pill with a chicken on it isn't going to change that."

Charity calls on celebs to show some heart

British culture is eating itself. The British Heart Foundation is looking for a dedicated "celebrity press officer". Unfortunately this doesn't mean prising the likes of Ant and Dec from our screens to write press releases, but instead hiring someone to liaise with stars wanting to support the BHF. As a reality show idea, however, it can't be far off given the level of barrel-scraping on the TV.