Cyber Monday live: watch shoppers pile into online stores, with real-time spending graph

Cyber Monday looks set to break spending records and dwarf last year's mega-spending. Watch it happen live with this tool

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After Black Friday already broke records for spending, Cyber Monday is continuing the theme — as retailers clamour to stand out with bigger and bigger discounts. A new tool can help keep track of just how many people are chasing down deals.

The tool is powered by web services company Postcode Anywhere and tracks spending at 9,000 retailers taking part in the discounting. Thes tores include Tesco, Boots, Sports Direct, Reiss and other large department stores.

It compares today's spending with Black Friday last week and last year's Cyber Monday.

Around lunchtime, spending was lower than Black Friday but consistently higher than last year's Cyber Monday. As with Black Friday, shopping increased rapidly in the morning to peak around lunchtime.

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The event, which started in the US, coincides with what was already the UK’s biggest date for internet sales, which consistently peak on the first Monday in December following the last payday before Christmas and a weekend spent browsing in the shops before ordering at home.