Diary: Bostock mystery deepens


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What is the truth about the Nathan Bostock affair? The facts of the matter are that months ago, Bostock agreed to leave Royal Bank of Scotland, where he is head of risk, to become head of wholesale banking at Lloyds Banking Group, only to change his mind 10 days ago.

The Citystockbroker Killik put a note out on Friday revealing that Lloyds had told its analysts that RBS had shelled out extra money to keep Bostock. RBS then denied that. Someone is being economical.

Lagarde stays calm amid the turmoil

There's no chance of Christine Lagarde getting into a flap however bad the global financial crisis facing the International Monetary Fund gets, reports the latest edition of Paris Match. The magazine's latest edition is full of curious pictures of Ms Lagarde, including a strange shot of her stretching – all part of the 20 minutes of yoga she incorporates into her everyday routines.

Another gong for Mountford

Our congratulations to Margaret Mountford, who is still picking up plaudits more than a year after quitting her starring role as Lord Sugar's adviser on The Apprentice. Mountford still serves as a non-executive director of Lord Sugar's Amstrad, though she's also working on a PhD in papyrology at University College London. Down the road, the Business School at the University of Westminster has just handed her an honorary doctorate.

The biscuit gets its break at last

Still on The Apprentice, remember the half-chocolate half-plain biscuits that were a flop with retailers when the most recent wannabes pitched them? The concept cost Zoe Beresford her place. Now it seems chocolate maker Galaxy has done rather better with the idea. Tesco has taken a big chunk of orders for a half-caramel half-plain chocolate square from the Mars-owned brand.