Donald Trump loses court battle against offshore wind farm near tycoon's golf resort

US tycoon opened his £100 million Trump International golf resort in 2012

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Billionaire Donald Trump has lost a legal challenge against a planned offshore wind farm which he claims would spoil the view from his golf resort in Aberdeen.

The property tycoon had vowed to take Scottish First Minister Alex Salmon "to hell" to block the £230 million European offshore wind deployment centre site (EOWDC) near his Trump International golf resort in Menie. He described the project as "useless" and "grotesque".

Trump claimed the Scottish Government as well as Aberdeen city council were financially involved in the project and the decision was rushed and approved without holding a public inquiry first. Trump also argued that Salmond had assured him such a scheme would not go ahead.

The legal bid was rejected by Lord Doherty on the grounds that a "fair-minded and informed observer" would not conclude that there was a real possibility of bias; or that the decision not to have a public inquiry had been unreasonable or unlawful.

Trump said he will appeal the decision.

In a statement, the Trump Organisation added: "Today's decision has not altered our unwavering commitment to protect our investment in Scotland.

"We are reviewing Lord Doherty's decision and will pursue the legal options available to us as recommended by our counsel. Communities worldwide continue to challenge the destructive proliferation of wind turbines and we will remain a fierce opponent at the forefront of this battle."

A Scottish government spokesperson said ministers were "pleased" by the decision. An EOWDC spokesperson welcomed the ruling, insisting that the "project underwent a thorough examination and extensive consultation to gain consent".