EE customer gets called a 'f****** c***' after phoning to pay a £35 bill

Charlie Doherty said he was "shocked" to get the email

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A teenage customer said he was shocked to get an email from EE, the phone network, calling him a f****** c*** after he phoned up to pay a £35 bill.

Charlie Doherty from Bexleyheath said that he became frustrated when EE refused to take payment for the bill over the phone and reportedly said something “in the heat of the moment”.

He later got an email from EE with an offensive message that the Sun reports as follows:

"This is an email confirming that your order with EE has now been cancelled and any refunds required have now been raised. Same to u ur a f****** c***. Kind Regards, EE."


Mr Doherty told the Sun that he was "shocked" to get the reply. "It is one thing being rude on the phone in the heat of the moment and regretting it and another thing all together sitting down and sending a sweary email to a customer," he said.

A spokesperson for EE said that they monitor all of their calls and were able to go back and listen to the conversation with Mr Doherty, in which he requested an upgrade to an iPhone 6 and was told he was not eligible. He then used unacceptable language towards the call handler and ended the call.

EE confirmed that action had been taken against the member of staff responsible. “The email Mr Doherty received is inexcusable and appropriate action has been taken against the member of staff,” EE said.