Elon Musk is offering a $1000 bounty if you can hack into his website

Tesla has advertised the bounty on Bugcrowd, a crowd sharing website for security researchers

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Elon Musk’s electronic car company Tesla is offering up to $1000 to people who discover glitches in the Tesla website.

Tesla has advertised the bug bounty on Bugcrowd, a crowd sharing website for security researchers. Bugcrowd links websites with tech personnel, allowing companies to offer a financial reward to those who can breach a website’s security. The idea is to get information about a glitch before a real hacking incident takes place.

To take part, users have to register with the Tesla website  as a ‘Bug Crowd Ninja’ and fully report details of any glitches, giving Tesla time to make changes before details of the glitch become public.

Security researchers have found 22 bugs for Tesla and have been paid for their finds, although Bugcrowd hasn’t published information about their payouts, MarketWatch has reported.

The Bugcrowd ad states researchers are offered up to $300 for discovering a sensitive data exposure to up to $1000 for a command injection, when an attacker makes system-level commands on the host’s operating system.

Bugcrowd also showcases a ‘hall of fame’ naming those who have discovered glitches.

Tesla is not the only company to turn to ask ‘friendly hackers’ to identify potential security breaches. Apple and Netflix are among the companies signed up Bugcrowd – though not all offer a financial reward.