Free ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s celebrates equality with Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry's are offering free ice-cream from midday until 8pm

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Ben & Jerry’s are giving out free ice-cream from 12-8pm for their annual Free Cone Day.

Now in its 37th year, Free Cone Day means customers can get one scoop of ice cream per free cone – with no limit on how many times they can go back for a cone. The deal is available at Ben & Jerry's shops and cinema outlets across the country. Find your nearest store on the Ben & Jerry’s website.

This year, Free Cone Day will raise awareness of Ben & Jerry's valiant attempts to save the world with ice-cream. 'Save Our Swirled' is a social media campaign and cross-country tour swapping ice-cream for signatures to a petition. The ‘100% Clean’ petition is addressed to the UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon. It will raise the need for a switch to 100 per cent clean power at the Paris Climate summit in December.

Ben & Jerry's staff are driving across the US in a tricked out Tesla car powered by electricity, with a freezer for a back seat.

The company is also using the day to raise awareness of its other values. As well as subscribing to fair trade practices, Ben & Jerry's said it uses suppliers that benefit communities. It is also vocal on social justice issues.

"Ben & Jerry's cares deeply about social justice, including marriage equality for all. We believe that loving couples of all kinds should be free to marry, no matter what their favorite flavour," the website reads.