Frozen 2: From £750 dresses to £4,000 holidays – the revenue streams that gave Disney a multi-billion cash cow

News of the sequel to the smash animation film saw Disney shares up 4%

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Disney confirmed yesterday that a sequel to Frozen is already in production, sparking a steep 4% climb in the company’s share price by close. 

Disney announced at its annual shareholder meeting that Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the first film’s directors, are working on the product with Peter Del Vecho, the film producer for Walt Disney Animation Studios that won the studios an Oscar for Best Animated Feature last year.

A release date and other details are not yet available. Frozen has been a huge money-spinner for Disney since its release in November 2013, most recently spawning a Broadway show and a short film called Frozen Fever.

The producers will be hoping to top the £900m ($1.3 billion) Frozen made at the box office first time round – but even if they can’t, some of the numbers from the brand's other revenue streams add up very nicely.


A dress inspired by Disney character Elsa by Alfred Angelo Collection


Starting price of a Frozen wedding dress



The trip offers fans the change to "explore the quaint villages and stunning landscapes that served as the inspiration" for the film


Price of a trip to the Norwegian sites that inspired the film’s animators


With its modest budget, the first Frozen film was the highest-grossing animated movie of all time

£100 million

Budget of the first film


The 'Elsa' dress retails for £40 in the Disney Store

3 million

Number of Frozen-style dresses sold in North America in 2014 alone - this is reported to be roughly the same number as the number of 4-year-old girls in North America


Bob Iger is Disney's sixth ceo

27 per cent

Increase in pay on last year of Bob Iger, chief executive of Disney, who this year takes home £29.7m


Disney stopped its partnership with McDonald's Happy Meals in 2006. These days it's fruit


Number of Frozen-themed food and health lines that have been officially launched by Disney, including fresh apples and grapes, juice, yogurt, plasters and toothpaste.