GDP and long weekend give a shorting chance

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The best punt of the week could come on Friday when traders are likely to wind down their positions ahead of the long weekend. Going short on the Footsie could yield a decent return, though you need to keep a weather eye on other factors affecting the index.

There's likely to be a big impact on Tuesday when commodities trader Glencore joins the blue chip list. It may give a slight uplift to the share but is it worth going long on it? Seasoned spread betters are hanging fire.

On Wednesday, economic brains will be poring over the UK GDP preliminary figures, expected to be at 0.5 per cent. Anything less will reveal a worrying decline in the economy over a six-month period. "For that reason you could look to short the Footsie or Sterling," suggests Manoj Ladwa, of ETX Capital.

Notable companies reporting full-year figures this week include British Land on Monday and M&S on Tuesday. British Land could be strong but the company is London-centric and its figures will not be a reflection of the commercial property sector across the UK.

M&S is one to consider shorting after it benefited from the blip in spending due to Easter and the royal wedding. "You could look to short M&S after the numbers are issued as any potential upside has probably already been priced in," says Mr Ladwa.