Germany honours Fonda for 'Green Hollywood' work

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Keep-fit guru, Tinseltown star and Vietnam activist Jane Fonda has been nominated to the green hall of fame following the German government's decision on Friday to honour her with the Sustainability Award for her pioneering 'Green Hollywood' efforts.

Along with Fonda, other eco-awards were given in Düsseldorf to Yusuf – the singer once known as Cat Stevens – and to Wolfgang Schäuble, the new minister of finance. Fonda told guests at the packed, private ceremony attended by Germany's top industrialists that empowering and educating women is key to solving the world's population growth problem: "If we empower girls and educate them, help them use contraception without the risk of being killed, then we can reduce the malnutrition being suffered by billions." Fonda, who recycles all the water at her New Mexico home, which is run on photovoltaics, is the second winner of the award, the first being the Prince of Wales.