Greece news: Alexis Tsipras admits he got a 'bad deal' from Brussels ahead of parliamentary vote – and rules out resigning

Tsipras said he felt "obliged to implement" the text

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Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, has admitted on Greek television that he does not believe in the bailout deal struck in Brussels on Monday and that he accepts full responsibility for signing the text, because he had no other option.

"I am fully assuming my responsibilities, for mistakes and for oversights, and for the responsibility of signing a text that I do not believe in, but that I am obliged to implement," Tsipras said.

Up to 30 members of Syriza, led by party secretary Tasos Koronakis, are said to be opposing the deal.

But there is little doubt that it will pass through parliament with the support of more centrist parties.

The scale of his party's opposition led to speculation that Tsipras might not survive as prime minister after the vote. He dispelled these rumours on television last night.

"The worst thing a captain can do while he is steering a ship during a storm, as difficult as it is, is to abandon the helm," he said.