Harrison defends his £1m deal against Sir Stelios

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Andy Harrrison, the former chief executive at easyJet, has hit back at the airline's founder, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannu, who has threatened to lead a shareholder revolt over his £1m final payout.

Mr Harrison left to take over at Whitbread last year and investors will be asked to approve his final pay packet soon. Mr Harrison said: "All aspects of my remuneration were specifically approved by the board, of which Sir Stelios was a member."

Update (14 February 2011): Sir Stelios Haji-Iannou has additionally explained why he was not present at board meetings concerning Mr Harrison's final pay package agreed in January 2010. He did not attend easyJet board meetings after September 2009 due to the litigation between his easyGroup business and easyJet, and was not a member of the renumeration committee. Nor did he attend the February 2010 AGM. As such, as reported by The Independent on 11 February he at no stage agreed to the pay off, and has always opposed it.