Healthier cereals are a bear necessity

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Hayley Gait-Golding, the personal trainer-turned-healthy snacks entrepreneur, is looking to crack the calorie-filled children's cereals market with a no-added-sugar alternative.

The 33-year-old is hoping to drive sales at Bear, known for its fruit nibbles and YoYos, from £11m to £19m this year partly through the Alpha Bites cereal that is launched in Waitrose tomorrow.

Ms Gait-Golding said: "I think cereals are a problem area for parents, because of all the added sugar and added salt. So, we're launching a brand new cereal that is made from five multigrains and wholegrains."

The company was founded after Ms Gait-Golding read an article in 2009 about how bears that had drifted into cities were 30 per cent fatter than those that had remained in the wild, as they were foraging in bins found behind fast-food joints.