House price changes nationwide

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Recent changes to house prices have seen the sharpest falls in the West Midlands and Wales.

During the first quarter of this year, the biggest rises were in Greater London (1.6 per cent), East Anglia (1.4 per cent) and East Midlands (2.2 per cent).

Prices in the North (1.2 per cent) and Scotland (0.2 per cent) also rose, and the cost of housing in the South East remained the same.

But the West Midlands (-5.0 per cent) and Wales (-4.7 per cent) saw the sharpest decrease, and prices also dropped in the South West (-2.6 per cent), Northern Ireland (-1.5 per cent), Yorkshire & the Humber (-0.5 per cent) and the North West (-0.5 per cent).

But over the past year, three quarters of the UK has seen a rise in house prices.

The biggest rises were in Scotland (5.3 per cent) and Northern Ireland (3.5 per cent).

The areas where prices fell were the South West (-3.3 per cent), West Midlands (-3.7 per cent) and Wales (-5.3 per cent).

Regional figures for the last quarter ( per cent) are:

North 1.2
Yorkshire & the Humber -0.5
North West -0.5
East Midlands 2.2
West Midlands -5.0
East Anglia 1.4
South West -2.6
South East 0.0
Greater London 1.6
Wales -4.7
Scotland 0.2
Northern Ireland -1.5
UK -1.0