How Groupon turned the Banana Bunker into a social media success

When Groupon advertised a phallic fruit container, it was ready for the comments

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The social media team at Groupon have attracted plenty of attention in the last week after a Facebook post about a phallic fruit container went viral.



In fact, it wasn’t the first time that Groupon had advertised the Banana Bunker, a ribbed plastic tube used to protect a banana in transit. Every time it had, people had taken to the comments to point out the product's resemblance to something fruity in a different way. So they decided to act.



Bill Roberts, head of global communications for Groupon, told Adweek that Groupon has five staff members on its social media team, three of which were assigned to respond to comments on the Banana Bunker thread.




They managed to respond to between 150 and 200 in about 2 hours. The strategy was to play innocent, rather than to play on the container’s shape.

It worked. Groupon sold all 600 of the Banana Bunkers available before the post started getting shared online. “Given the site traffic, I wish we'd have had thousands. Next time!” Roberts said.