How to get that job: Charlie Webster, TV presenter

Webster made her name on Sky Sports, and has also presented on BBC1, ITV4, Channel 4, Channel 5, and British Eurosport

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In a series on inspiring careers and how to get them, award-winning entrepreneur Jessica Elliott speaks to professionals at the top of their game find our how you can get their dream job.

Charlie Webster was a sporting starlet in her youth before electing to go to university to study language and linguistics. After completing her degree, Webster set about breaking into the ultra-competitive world of television presenting.

After stints on Real Madrid TV and ESPN, Webster made her name on Sky Sports, and has also presented on BBC1, ITV4, Channel 4, Channel 5, and British Eurosport, where she became the first woman to present boxing coverage. Today, Webster presents a variety of sports and other shows, across a range of broadcasters.

We caught up with Webster to discover her top tips for making a career for yourself in one of the most fiercely competitive industries out there.

Do whatever it takes

"You’ve got to remember that you’re going after a job in an industry with a vast number of people also seeking that opportunity, so you’ll only make it if you are prepared to work harder than anyone else, and do whatever it takes.

"For some people, that is getting a foot in the door as a runner with a broadcaster, doing all the non glamorous jobs, from making tea to printing scripts. Others do what I did in building my experience by doing as much practice on-screen as possible, and finding an agency.

"There’s no rule book for this, so back yourself to make your own, and work harder than you ever thought possible."

Choose a topic

"TV is a broad spectrum, and so its important to pick a topic you will specialise in, at least for the start of your career.

"Make sure you have a real knowledge about this topic, and do your research and studying daily to be encyclopaedic about it. When I first started presenting, I was focussed on sport, but after a period of time I was able to break out into other areas.

"However, without that clear focus at the start, I wouldn't have been able to do that."


"It doesn't matter what your background is, your skin colour, your lack of privilege, your gender, anyone with the talent and work ethic can succeed in this business.

"But, you must persevere at all times, even when you want to quit. Because if you give up today, then it might have been tomorrow that it would have happened for you."