How to get that job: Robin Windsor, professional dancer

In the highly competitive dance world, Windsor suffered numerous set-backs and disappointments 

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In a series on inspiring careers and how to get them, award-winning entrepreneur Jessica Elliott speaks to professionals at the top of their game to find out how you can get their dream job.

Robin Windsor is a professional dancer who grew up in Ipswich and lives in London.

Windsor studied both ballroom and latin dance, going on to represent England in the World Championships and winning multiple awards.

In 2010 Windsor joined the cast of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, where he has danced with celebrities including Patsy Kensit, Sara Cox, Deborah Meaden, and Lisa Riley.

In the highly competitive dance world, Windsor suffered numerous set-backs and disappointments with multiple auditions early in his career, but made his mark thanks to his drive to be ever better and not let failure be an option.

These are Robin Windsor’s top tips on how to make a glittering career in the world of dance.

Believe in yourself

Most of the jobs you get in your career will be won through auditioning, even when you start to make a name for yourself. When heading to an audition be as prepared as you possibly can be, but as importantly focus on having the most confidence you can muster up. Depending on the status of the job, you will have hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people all after the same gig, and you need to ensure sure you stand out and are memorable.


My career would have been over before it started if I had taken every knock without getting up again. Any entertainment career will hear the word no far more than yes, particularly early in your development, so listen to advice if it’s a no, but do your best to not get too down-hearted. Persistence was my key to success, and this will be your strength to keep going through the inevitable heartbreak you will feel from time to time.


The last one only needs one word. Never, ever even think about doing anything else but PRACTICE! You can always be better than your last level, you can always get more out of that routine, and there’s only one way to do it, and that’s in the rehearsal studio.