HSBC's Jersey clients - Who’s got the accounts



Michael Lee

More than 300 weapons,  including Uzi submachine guns and pump-action shotguns, were found in his Teignmouth house  in 2001 in a police raid. He was jailed for two years a year later. The crane driver, then 56, also  had 25,000 pieces of live  ammunition in the house and  is reported to have thousands  of pounds in an HSBC account  on Jersey.

Misha Elias

The North Londoner, now 52, was sentenced to two years in prison in 1998 after being found to be at the “forefront of a major network of people” burgling offices to get their hands on computers. He was once named London’s number two computer crook.

Daniel Bayes

The Sussex farmer was branded as “monstrous” after allowing his parents to take responsibility for a cannabis factory discovered at his farm. Bayes’ 68-year-old father Brian, pictured, was dragged through the courts and jailed for three years while his son flew around the world. The skunk factory, discovered by police in a barn at Lower House Farm, near Lewes, was said to be worth £500,000. Daniel Bayes is said to be living in Venezuela.