Hundreds of jobs cut at Thomson Reuters

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Thomson Reuters has confirmed it is to axe 140 editorial jobs and some 700 sales and operational roles by the end of the year, after the £8.7bn merger of the news organisations last month.

Most of the journalists' job cuts will be in Europe, as part of the group's global plans to cut duplication and generate $750m (£383m) in savings by 2011. Of the 700 non-editorial roles to go, 45 are sales positions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa division. The remaining 650 are spread across the rest of the world.

The company, which employs some 50,000 in total, started the consultation process with staff, trade unions and work councils last week. The process is likely to take some time, because of employment law in a number of different countries.

A briefing document for managers last week said: "We have made every attempt possible to deliver savings and eliminate duplication by cancelling open posts, by moving people within the new organisation to fill critical roles, and by managing the underlying attrition rate of the company, so that the actual number of redundancies is held to a minimum."

Thomson Reuters said it is hiring for 50 posts in new project areas.