Internet terms make entry in dictionary

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Cyberslackers, egosurfing, data smog? All three terms have entered the English language, according to the compilers of the Oxford Dictionary of English, who have added 3,000 more words to the 350,000 words and phrases in modern usage.

A substantial number of the new words have emerged from the internet, with the notion of the "cyberslacker" (who lazes at work using the net), "egosurfing" (looking for references to yourself online), "data smog" (the impenetrable amount of facts available online) and shovelware (low-priced games or other programs packaged into higher-priced collections). "Groom", the editors note, has meanwhile "taken on a more sinister meaning" - again through its online usage, referring to paedophiles' interaction with potential victims.

"Our language is transforming," said Judy Pearsall, publishing manager at Oxford Dictionaries.