Jaguar Land Rover invests $25m in Lyft to develop self-driving cars

The investment is from InMotion Ventures, a unit of JLR that focuses on autonomous cars

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The next Lyft car you book may soon be a Jaguar or a Land Rover. 

The British company behind the two iconic car brands announced on Monday that it was investing $25m (£19.7m) into Lyft, to help the ride-hailing business expand and develop technologies.

As part of the investment, Jaguar Land Rover agreed to supply a fleet of its vehicles. 

The investment is from InMotion Ventures, a unit of Jaguar Land Rover that focuses on autonomous cars and other technology. 

The collaboration will provide a “real-world platform helping us develop our connected and autonomous services,” InMotion managing director Sebastian Peck said. 

InMotion earlier invested in SPLT, a Detroit-based digital carpool business. SPLT works with Lyft to provide non-emergency medical transport. 

Lyft announced earlier this month that it was forming a research partnership with self-driving startup nuTonomy. The companies plan to look at how passengers book and route a self-driving car, and how they interact with it. 

San Francisco-based Lyft operates in 300 cities. It has also partnered with General Motors to research autonomous ride-hailing.