Kinder Surprise giant Easter eggs - Where can you buy the supersize chocolate treat ?

The company has just launched a Kinder egg that weighs 100g or five times the traditional version

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Chocolate lover have endured a tough few months amid headlines that some of their favourite treats are getting both smaller and more expensive

But now Italian confectionery Ferrero might be able to offer a reason for some relief, even if it comes at a price. 

The company has just launched a Kinder egg that weighs 100g, or five times the traditional version, while still offering the same much-loved taste and texture, and of course the traditional toy hidden inside the chocolate shell. 

The eggs are themed as either My Little Pony or Transformers Robots in Disguise and cost between from £5 to about £10 depending on where customers buy them.

The traditional Kinder egg, costs about 80 pence and weights 20g.

If the slightly steeper price tag hasn't put you off, then here's where to stock up ahead of Easter:


Here is where to buy them: 


Asda is selling three giant  eggs for £10 and is currently one of the cheapest place where you can get them.

However, there is a £25 minimum spend for home delivery.


Tesco is selling both the My Little Pony and the Transformer giant Kinder eggs for £5 each.


The online retailer is selling the chocolate treats for a higher prices than supermarkets.

The themed chocolate eggs are on sale for nearly £10 each

Customers can also buy both a Little Pony and a Transformer theme eggs for £20.