Labour's cuts really would be less deep than the Conservatives'


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Fleet Street’s top cartoonists have a similar view on Ed Miliband’s deficit reduction plans.

Here’s Dave Brown in the Indy:


Here’s Peter Brookes’ cartoon in The Times:


And here’s Steve Bell in the Guardian:


What the draftsmen have in common is that they take a somewhat sceptical view of that idea that austerity would be less painful under a Labour government.

It’s a meme one picks up a lot in the Fleet Street commentary: “Whoever forms the next Government is going to have to impose massive cuts” etc.

But, actually, the conventional wisdom is wrong.

In a new report the Institute for Fiscal Studies has broken down the size of the cuts required by the parties under their announced deficit reduction plans.

There is lots of detail on what those plans are in the paper. But here’s the bottom line: