Like a G: MoneySupermarket hopes to take a bite out of rivals with Snoop Dogg advert

'Drop it like it's hot' rapper will feature in a television advert as part of the price comparison website's You’re So MoneySuperMarket campaign

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He's the man with money on his mind and his mind on his money but now Snoop Dogg is set to bring a different message to our TV screens, starring in a television advert for MoneySupermarket.

It may seem a little low-budget for the fur-clad rapper, but that's the whole point of the commercial.

Playing to Snoop Dogg's What My Name, the advert follows Phil, your typical "skinny British dude", as he cruises around Los Angeles in an imaginary Chevy Low Rider feeling like a "G" after saving money on his car insurance.

Unfortunately, skinny Phil snaps back to reality to see the real G, Snoop Dogg, leaning against a black Low Rider flanked by three "hip hop babes" in a blue suit as he turns to the camera and says: "Save money, feel epic".

The advert is part of the price comparison website's You’re So MoneySuperMarket campaign, which hopes to take on rival, known for its Meerkat mascot.

Unlike the extravagant Aleksander Orlov, clad in a velvet dressing gown, Snoop Dogg is a recession-proof ambassador.

Brand director Gareth Helm said the advert celebrates just how "great it feels" to save money, which helps transform Phil into an "epic dude who isn't just recognised by the G's and and Honey’s of LA’s hip hop scene but also by the legendary Snoop himself".

"Have some price comparison TV icons had their day? Arguably, yes", he added: "This advert using Snoop is about shaking up the sector."

The FTSE 250 firm expects to see a 10 per cent increase in full year revenues to £226 million compared to a year earlier as customers snapped up cheaper energy deals and switched providers when it reports full year earnings in March.

The campaign launches on Sunday. Watch the advert below: