Marks and Spencer’s extremely chocolatey biscuits are custard creams in disguise, Instagram user claims

Peter Marshall said he wouldn't be making a formal complaint

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Marks & Spencer touts its food range as a cut about your average with the strapline: "This isn't just any food, it's M&S food."

But one Instagram user thought he had discovered that M&S's extremely chocolatey biscuits might actually be plain old custard creams.


A photo posted by Peter marshall (@petermarshall100) on

Peter Marshall, 25, from Ramsey in the Isle of Man, posted a photo on his Instagram accounts appearing to show that when the M&S biscuit was dipped in a hot drink, the chocolate melted off to reveal a custard cream underneath.

Marshall told the Independent: "I was dunking biscuits into hot milk and as the chocolate melted away I noticed that the base of one of the biscuits was actually a custard cream. 

"I’ve always held M&S in quite high regard when it comes to food, and finding out that they were using a more common biscuit as a base was a bit of a shock."

He said he wouldn't be making a formal complaint and that the incident hadn't put him off buying M&S biscuits in the future. 

M&S said that the custard cream-shaped biscuits made their way into the £6 M&S box because the factory uses the same moulds as custard cream, but a different biscuit recipe.

“Customers can rest assured the biscuits remain our own luxury recipe covered in milk chocolate," a spokewoman said.

"They are simply made using the same mould as a custard cream.”