M&C Saatchi's formula for success


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M&C Saatchi has created a new formula and think-tank, the Saatchi Institute, to help resolve the war between the Maths Men and the Mad Men of advertising.

David Kershaw, chief executive of M&C Saatchi, said: “There’s a war raging between the artists and the scientists in advertising today – the Maths Men versus the Mad Men; between so-called fluffy, arty creatives and the highly-targeted precision data scientists. We want to show both are important but, without the message, marketing is nothing.”

He added: “Working with the London Business School, we have devised a new formula... which has been tested with many of the world’s biggest brands and will be as important to advertising as E = mc2 was to the world of physics.”

The formula, y=aekλ/ξ, was unveiled at a party at the V&A on Wednesday night to celebrate M&C Saatchi’s 20th anniversary.

The think-tank will research how best to help clients work out their marketing budgets with maximum effect.

Mr Kershaw added: “Media planners think that precision targeting is enough. We don’t; you can’t just target swing voters and demand: vote Conservative. Far better to show a picture of Alex Salmond, with Ed Miliband in his pocket.

“That gives people a story and a strong message.”