McDonald's starts testing its all-day breakfast on 4/20, of all days

An extension of the 10.30am cut-off coincides with the annual celebration of cannabis culture

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Devotees of the McDonald’s breakfast menu celebrated in March when it was announced that the fast food chain would extend breakfast beyond the standard 10.30am cut-off time.

The first US state to pilot the plan has chosen a conspicuous date on which to start: 4/20, the annual celebration of cannabis culture.

San Diego's all-day breakfast menu, which starts on Monday April 20, is limited to nine items and McCafé drinks. Customers can get egg McMuffin, sausage McMuffin with egg, sausage burrito, sausage McMuffin, hash brown and hotcakes, oatmeal and yoghurt all day. McGriddles, cakes and steak, egg and cheese bagels have been left off the menu.

Apparently McDonald’s has trouble making sausage and eggs at the same time as burgers and chicken. A McDonald’s employee told that McDonald’s cooks everything on the grill, rather than in the microwave, which means they don’t have enough space to cook all the breakfast items.

McDonald’s have already experimented with extending their breakfast menu. In 2012, they tested breakfast from midnight until 5am. This later became the McDonald’s after midnight menu.

No word yet from McDonald’s on whether the San Diego pilot has been deliberately launched to coincide with 4/20.