McDonald's to review cooking methods and trim menu as sales continue to slide


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Fast food giant McDonald's will trim its menu and let customers choose ingredients in an effort to speed up the service and lure new customers amid declining sales in the US.

McDonald's is trying to improve the image of its food as health-conscious customers look for meals with less calories and better nutritional content.

In doing so, the chain will review its cooking methods to enhance the appeal of its meals in an effort to change public perceptions that it serves unhealthy, junk food with artificial ingredients.

McDonald's is also looking to to simply its menu and slash the number of Extra Value means from 16 to 11 by reducing the number of variations of the same product. McDonald's currently serves four different version of the Quarter Pound, three chicken sandwiches and three snack wraps.

The company is also making a big push for its "Create Your Taste" option allowing people to pick the ingredients and toppings for their burgers. McDonald's hopes bringing more choice to the table will help revive sales and fence off competition from Mexican chain Chipotle, known for its custom meals.

The changes come as McDonald's moves to reassure investors about its performance in the US where sales have taken a hit. Chief executive Don Thompson conceded the company has failed to keep up with changing tastes as customers look for wholesome options, but is looking to make amends by cutting waiting time at its restaurants and improving its image.

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