Million dollar traders Eight become one on Tuesday

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Caroline Taysom, a 41-year-old single mother of twin girls, was by far the coolest of the eight wannabe equity traders whose attempts to become top City traders have been chronicled in BBC2's 'Million Dollar Traders' programme.

Lex Van Dam, the hedge fund trader who put up £500,000 of his money to trade, says Taysom had by far the best approach. Overall, the eight traders lost money – but less than the market average.

Taysom, who had set up and sold a food business for more than £5m before taking part, plans to continue trading while pondering her next venture. Mr Van Dam said: "She stays calm when everyone else loses the plot. She's the one you take with you when you go to war." Watch the final episode Tuesday when they do go to war: with screams, crying and walk outs.