Monopoly Ultimate Banking scraps cash with a tiny ATM that scans property cards

Monopoly made the move to speed up the game

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Monopoly-makers Hasbro have declared war on cheating players everywhere with their latest edition of the game.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking does away with cash entirely.

Instead, players scan cards using a tiny ATM machine.

Monopoly made the move to speed up the game, which is famous for taking several hours if many players are involved.

But it will also prevent cheaters from secretly stashing away fistfuls of notes to spring on other players.


The "tiny ATM" featured in the Ultimate Banking edition of the game is able to scan bar codes on each player's credit card, property cards and chance cards.

To buy a property, players scan their credit card and the property card and the price is deducted from their funds.

Players also pay "rent" to one another when they land on a hotel by scanning property and credit cards.

It's not the first time that Hasbro has tried to get rid of the cash in Monopoly.

Previous iterations of the banking unit required players to type in the amount to be transferred, which some said actually slowed down the game.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking is available in shops later in 2016.