More woe for Apple as nearly £14bn is wiped off its share value after failed update to iOS8 operating system

Latest problem follows outrage over free U2 album and claims its new iPhone 6s is too bendy

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It's been a fortnight to forget for Apple. First its free gift of a U2 album to every iTunes user caused so much outrage they had to create a special “delete U2” button and then came the furore over claims the new iPhone 6s were too bendy.

And now Apple has had nearly $23bn (about £14bn) wiped off its share value after it was forced to pull an update to its iOS8 operating system that, in the words of one angry customer, had “turned my iPhone6 into an iPod touch” with no signal.

The company has said it is “working around the clock to prepare iOS 8.0.2 with a fix for the issue”, adding: “We apologise for the great inconvenience experienced by users.”

“I do believe this speaks to execution issues at Apple,” said analyst Alex Gauna, of investment bank JMP Securities.

“At the end of the day I believe this too shall pass, but we are noting with concern that the miscues pile up.

“It's not game over for Apple, but nor should we give them a pass on this.”

While it apologised for the rogue iOS8 update, Apple came out fighting over claims the iPhone 6s were too fragile for ordinary use, a phenomenon dubbed “bendgate” on social media.

“With normal use, a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus,” Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said in an email.

Apple said its iPhones feature stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high-stress locations and use the strongest glass in the smartphone industry.

The firm's woes were the source of amusement for some with Twitter user Bob Kostic, @causticbob, quipping: “After Apple got U2 to endorse their products, apparently they now hired Uri Geller too.”