Morgan Stanley made a Hunger Games parody a year ago - and now it's been leaked

The 10-minute film depicts a dog-eat-dog world at the leading investment firm

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Everyone knows it's cut-throat on Wall Street – but a leaked joke entertainment video for employees paints a disturbing (and cringe-worthy) picture of life at a leading investment firm.

The Morgan Stanley Hunger Games parody depicts a working environment where it literally is every individual for themselves.

Obtained by Investment News, the 10-minute film, entitled The Margin Games: Manager on Fire, was reportedly made as entertainment for a branch managers' meeting back in February 2014 – but was never actually shown. Aside from the excruciating acting, the sketch is fairly true to the first instalment in the film series, based on the books by Suzanne Collins. But this time Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark must report to the Home Office rather than the Capitol and it's their jobs they are fighting to the death for.


The general tone indicates that employees at Morgan Stanley are dispensable and executives out of touch. For example, when Peeta suggests to Katniss that they both kill themselves, she replies: "That's sweet, but that's silly. They can't spare me. They'll have somebody at your desk on Monday."

Shelley O'Connor, head of field management, who oversees 16,000 financial advisors, is among those who appear in the video.

The video was reportedly axed following discussions that included President of the firm, Greg Fleming. A spokesperson for Morgan Stanley would not comment on the film when approached by Investment News, but said it had never been released.