New alliance aims to create second life sciences hub in North of England


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A new partnership between 16 of the UK's leading universities and NHS Trusts  to establish the North of England  as a world leader for life sciences and healthcare innovation is being launched at Westminster on Thursday.

The Northern Health Science Alliance has already signed up three new industrial partners from the US, Europe and the UK. Proteus Digital Health, the US digital medical company, Sectra, the Swedish medical IT specialists and Congenica, the Cambridge genomic medicines company - will work with the NHSA to develop the next generation of healthcare products. Proteus will create up to 200 jobs in a new manufacturing plant.

Hakim Yadi, the NHSA’s chief executive, says: “The North was the heart of the last industrial revolution and we want to lead the new industrial revolution in healthcare. Our new alliance between the North’s great universities and hospitals will set the pace for the global race to attract overseas companies. We want them to invest in the North, create new local jobs and grow new UK healthcare companies. As we can see with Astra Zeneca, the British have a great reputation in science and technology.” The NHSA was created by the North’s leading eight universities and eight hospitals because they recognised the need for a second life sciences hub if the UK is to compete internationally.