Ofgem staff receive £1m in bonuses

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Staff at the energy watchdog Ofgem have been handed more than £1m in bonuses in the past two years, while millions of consumers struggle with the rising cost of bills.

The average cash bonus trousered by workers at Ofgem in 2010 and 2011 was more than the average energy bill. The regulator is supposed to police the "Big Six" gas and electricity firms and stop them profiteering from hard-up families.

But an answer to a parliamentary question from Labour's shadow Energy Secretary, Caroline Flint, has revealed that Ofgem workers have been raking in huge rewards while overseeing devastating rises in fuel costs.

In 2010, the average payout per person was £2,267. The official figures reveal a total of £602,969 was handed out to 266 Ofgem staff two years ago. In 2011, 346 workers shared £515,047, at an average of £1,489.