Online grocery business will 'nearly double' by 2015

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Online grocery sales in the UK are on track to jump by a fifth this year and will almost double by 2015. The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), the food industry trade body, forecasts that internet grocery sales will hit £4.8bn in 2010, up 20 per cent.

Joanne Denney-Finch, the chief executive of the IGD, said: "Online grocery retailing is already growing at a phenomenal rate and there is still plenty of potential for significant expansion."

The trade body says online grocery sales will nearly double to £9.5bn by 2015. By the end of that year, web shopping will account for 5.2 per cent of the UK market, against the current 3.2 per cent.

Ms Denney-Finch said: "Although online has a small share of the overall grocery market, it will be the fastest-growing channel." The IGD said 7 per cent of shoppers are buying all their "regular groceries" online and that 13 per cent of those surveyed said they will use the internet to do more grocery shopping next year.