Other departments: Slashed budget for Mandelson's ministry

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Lord Mandelson's department faces some of the deepest cuts, promising to slash its budget by £300m within three years. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said nearly half – £120m – will be found by streamlining the quangos it has responsibility for, including bringing separate regional organisations together in one building.

It believes the rest of the money be found by greater efficiencies in back office spending and reducing the amount of cash paid to consultants.

The Department of Work and Pensions, Whitehall's biggest spender with a budget approaching £140bn, aims to cut £350m, of which £180m will be achieved by "getting better value out of our major contracts, including our IT contracts".

Some £60m of savings from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will include merging the British Film Institute with the UK Film Council, and the National Lottery Commission with the Gambling Commission.

The Chancellor promised savings of £261m from his departments including HM Revenue and Customs.

Cuts of £200m are promised by the Department of Communities and Local Government. It will trim £130m from spending on back office costs, procurement, consultancy and marketing.

Some £194m will be cut by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It will save £100m on finance, human resources, IT and procurement administration and a further £25m cut from its bill for consultants.

In addition, £90m will be saved by the Department for Transport, including a cut of £30m from its spending on consultants. A further £50m will be saved by the Foreign Office, £30m by the Department for Energy and Climate Change and £25m from the budget of the Cabinet Office.