Payouts to Mothercare's past and present bosses

  • @Thompj

The pay of the current and former chief executives of Mothercare was laid bare yesterday in the maternity specialist's annual report.

Ben Gordon, who was paid a salary of £600,000 and left in November 2011, walked away with more than £5m after share schemes vested. Simon Calver, the former boss of LoveFilm who joined last April, pocketed £580,000, including a salary of £462,000 and a bonus of £48,000, over the year to March. He could be paid a total of £6.7m over the three years to 2015, if the group hits all its financial targets.

Mothercare narrowed its pre-tax losses significanlty to £21.5m in 2012-13, from £102.9m a year ago.