People are very confused about HSBC's voice recognition system

What happens if you get a cold?

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HSBC is introducingvoice recognition softwareas a security measure for its UK customers. 

The BBC heralded the move as a “big leap towards the introduction of biometric banking”, which is technology that uses irises, fingerprints, heartbeats and voices as security.

HSBC follows Barclays, which is already using voice recognition for many clients, and RBS and Natwest, which both use fingerprint technology.

The technology works by cross-checking 100 unique identifiers. These include behavioural features such as speed, cadence and pronunciation as well as physical aspects including the shape of larynx, vocal tract and nasal passages.

Confused? You're not the only one.

People were worried about what would happen if they got a cold

Some said it probably wouldn't work for people with an accent

Or for twins

Or if someone were to use a recording of your voice

Then there were the people who outright didn't believe in the technology

And A LOT of bad Rory Bremner jokes

Rory Bremner (centre), an impressionist

HSBC said that the system still works when people are ill, because colds don't change the shape of our mouths. 

It is also supposed to be able to detect recordings.

HSBC customers can opt into to use the service when it goes online this summer. They will have to enrol their "voice print", doing away this the need to use a security password or ID.