Pizza Express drops 8% charge on staff tips

An Independent investigation revealed some chain restaurants take up to 10% of waiters' tips

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Pizza Express has dropped the 8 per cent charge they take from staff tips paid by credit or debit card.

The restaurant chain said it was upgrading to a new automated system for distributing tips that it had been testing for some time.

Richard Hodgson, CEO of PizzaExpress, said that payments made on card will now to be fully distributed among employees.  A group within the company has elected to give 30 per cent of card-based tips to cleaners, pizzaiolos and other kitchen staff, while the remaining 70 per cent goes to individual waiters.

"We have always been, and will continue to be, transparent about our tipping policies," Hodgson said.

The decision comes after the Independent revealed last month that a number of chain restaurants were taking up to 10 per cent of waiters' tips to pay administration fees.

Ask Italian, Belgo, Bella Italia, Café Rouge, Giraffe (owned by Tesco), Las Iguanas, Prezzo, Spaghetti House, Strada and Zizzi all subtract admin fees.

Pizza Express joins Carluccio’s, Chiquito, Frankie & Benny’s, Garfunkel’s and Wagamama, which hand 100 per cent of tips paid on card over to staff.