It's not just Creme Eggs: The products that are shrinking before your very eyes

You're not just imagining it...

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There were cries of dismay across the UK this week as it was announced that multi-packs of Cadbury Creme Eggs will now come in boxes of five rather than six - but not necessarily at a cheaper price.

US group Mondelez International, maker of the Easter treat, said the change was due to a "range of economic factors". It also announced that it had tweaked the recipe of the shell, much to chocolate-lovers' consternation.

But Creme Eggs are not the first product to shrink. If you feel like your eyes are deceiving you fear not, because many of the packages lining supermarket shelves really are taking up less space than before - although your purse may not necessarily be lighter as a result.

Whether in an attempt to offer a lower-calorie, "healthier" product, or in response to rising prices, there are a number of companies that have downsized their goods in recent years...

And no, that doesn't give you an excuse to buy two Mars bars.