Public sector looks to private-sector workers to solve its skills shortages

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A staggering 80 per cent of public sector bosses at organisations ranging from the NHS and education to all levels of government say staff skills shortages would be best solved by private-sector workers, says a new survey from Hays Public Services.

The area of most concern to public-sector chiefs is management skills, with over half of respondents believing they struggle to overcome workers' deficiencies. But the talent gaps are being filled. Nearly two-thirds of the public-sector bodies surveyed recorded a rise in applications from the private sector.

Public-sector bosses have identified a willingness in private-sector recruits to adapt to new practices. Other attributes include commercial expertise, drive and efficiency, plus fresh ideas and skills brought in from workers' profit-driven backgrounds.

The profound changes affecting the public sector have made private-sector employees all the more attractive to public-sector recruiters.