Railways set for injection of cash to electrify lines and revitalise ports

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The government is set to announce a series of rail infrastructure investments this week, as it looks to reduce pressure on an overburdened network and stimulate the economy.

A new electrification programme is expected to be announced that will include the Midland Main Line from London to the East Midlands and Sheffield and could also see an extension of the previously announced electrification between Manchester and Leeds.

Upgrades to the East Coast Line from London to Leeds and rail freight investments in ports such as Southampton and Felixstowe are also likely to be announced. This is part of the so-called High Level Output Specification, which will lay out rail spending plans between 2014 and 2019.

a spokesman for the Campaign for Better Transport said: "Whilst we welcome more investment in rail, massive fare increases shouldn't be used to pay for it."

Transport secretary Justine Greening is also expected to confirm the reopening of the east-west link from Oxford and Aylesbury to Milton Keynes.