Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris just got onstage at a corporate conference and proclaimed he is 'Lightning Man'

The spectacle was to plug Salesforce's new service for app developers

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Salesforce's lesser known co-founder has reinvented himself as 'Lightning Man'.

Parker Harris crashed the stage during a presentation by the Salesforce CEO on Wednesday wearing a blue, grey and white onesie and clutching a lightning bolt.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was in the middle of giving a keynote speech at the company’s annual customer conference in San Francisco, which is the largest tech employer in the city.

Benioff was just getting into a long keynote speeches after being introduced by none other than Stevie Wonder, when Parker Harris, his lesser known co-founder, got up onstage dressed as 'Lightning Man', Business Insider reports.

The spectacle was all part of a product push for Salesforce’s new service for app developers, called Lightning, apparently.

Salesforce is a cloud computing company with 5000 employees in San Francisco as of January 2015.