Saudi "princess" Sara Al Amoudi wins £14m legal battle over London property empire


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A mysterious Saudi "princess" has won a High Court battle against two London property tycoons who accused her of tricking them out of a multi-million pound property empire.

Business partners Amanda Clutterbuck and Ian Paton accused Sara Al Amoudi of being an Ethiopian prostitute posing as a Saudi princess to trick them into transferring six luxury flats worth £14 million into her name.

The pair claimed they "temporarily" transferred the Knightsbridge and Mayfair properties in the belief that she was the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi.

But in a major legal victory for the "vamp in the veil", a London judge ruled that the properties were legally transferred into her name to pay off a loan she made to Paton while they were in a romantic relationship.

Justice Asplin dismissed allegations that she was a prostitute and said a key witness, who claimed to work at a Soho lapdancing club, may have been "paid to give evidence".

She added that it was "unnecessary to determine whether the alleged representations as to her identity, status and source of wealth were false". 

However, she also noted that Al Amoudi’s evidence in cross examination was that Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi was not her father and that she had not said that he was.

Indeed, the judge also recorded that the Sheikh had previously brought successful libel proceedings against a publisher which had reported that Al Amoudi was his daughter.

Al Amoudi's background remains a mystery.