Semperian slows growth to under £150m a year

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Semperian, a Public Private Partnerships investor, is looking to grow the business by £100m-to-£150m a year.

This growth is slow by historic standards for the group, which peaked at £300m-to-£350m. Semperian's backers are understood to want a more conservative approach – which still represents 10-15 per cent growth a year – as the PPP market has slowed.

The group's business strategy was finalised last month, a year after it went private. Semperian had been part of Trillium, the outsourcing arm of Ftse 100 property group Land Securities. Telereal bought Trillium for £750m 13 months ago, allowing the PPP arm to spin-off and create the Semperian brand. Semperian has £1.4bn of assets under management, which includes stakes in more than 100 projects such as London's Docklands Light Railway extension, hospitals and schools.

A source close to the company said that after a year of little growth, a result of reorganisation after going private, it would look to raise about 10 per cent of additional funds per annum. Typically, PPP funds are stable investments, and Semperian investors expect to make a 10 per cent return a year. Assets owned by Interserve, a Ftse 250 support services group, might be targeted.