'Seven out of 10 fear UK energy supplies are at risk'

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Public concern over possible threats to their energy supply still outranks worries over climate change, despite the publication of the Stern review

Three quarters of the public believes that the price of gas is unstable compared with just over half a year ago, a survey by the opinion pollsters YouGov showed today.

The survey was published as power cuts temporarily plunged homes in some of the most heavily populated areas of Germany and France into darkness at the weekend due to output shortages.

Meanwhile almost seven out of 10 thought that gas supplies were insecure, ahead of the 51 per cent who said that climate change required immediate action.

The poll for EDF Energy, which supplies a quarter of the UK's population via electricity networks in London, the South-east and the East of England, said that nine in 10 though the UK should be self-sufficient.

Support for nuclear power has risen to 41 per cent from 35 per cent a year ago. EDF is lining itself up to be a key player if the UK decides to embark on any nuclear building programme.

Meanwhile the Carbon Trust, a body set up by the Government to help businesses cut emissions, said there was a huge potential market for low-carbon technologies.

It said nearly two thirds of UK consumers were more likely to buy from a business they thought was taking action to tackle climate change than those which failed to address the issue.