Showing what a woman can do... on the board

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David Gold clearly knew what he was doing in more ways than one when he made his daughter, Jacqueline, chief executive of his naughty lingerie and sex shop chain, Ann Summers.

According to research this weekend by legal consultant Employment Law Advisory Services (Elas), having at least one woman on a board reduces the risk of a business failing by more than 20 per cent. Also, more than 80 per cent of companies with women on their boards are optimistic about surviving the recession in good shape.

Apparently, women executives are more frugal, responsive and flexible.

Peter Mooney, the head of consultancy at Elas, said: "Our research shows that firms with women in the boardoom achieve a 10 per cent higher return on capital than those firms run entirely by men. Time and again, we see women directors doing well within their sectors."