Simon Read: The timeshare battle intensifies with Macdonald Resorts

An action group of disaffected Macdonald owners are now readying for their own legal battle with the company

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My story last week about a group of fed-up timeshare owners struck a chord with readers, and many of you have been in touch.

To remind you, the story concerned long-term owners of properties with Macdonald Resorts, but the eventual outcome of a developing battle could have a marked effect on timeshare owners everywhere, or anyone thinking about taking one out.

The row began this summer after Macdonald Resorts put new proposals to its timeshare members. The changes angered many members, who claim they’ve lost their holiday homes as they say there’s no guarantee that they will be able to use the apartment they’ve always gone to, or even at the same time, under a new points system.

They also claim that plans to charge four years’ maintenance to anyone wishing to leave the scheme penalises vulnerable older people who can’t afford to stump up what could be thousands of pounds.

Last week I mentioned that the proposals had been put to a vote and approved, but I’ve subsequently learnt that members in two out of eight Macdonald resorts – accounting for around 20,000 timeshare owners – have rejected the proposals and are now involved in a legal battle with the tourism company.

The outcome of that could give another chance to the action group of disaffected Macdonald owners I reported on last week, who are now readying for their own legal battle with the company. At stake seems to be the perceived rights of individual owners. The arguments look set to come to a head within the next few weeks, so I’ll report back on progress.

You can find out more information about the action group at or go to for advice about timeshare problems.