Soaring sales give English producer Chapel Down record year

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The wine maker Chapel Down toasted a record set of results despite tough economic conditions and a poor harvest in 2012.

The Kent-based company saw turnover rise 29 per cent to £4.8m last year, pushing its pre-tax profits to £413,829, up from £218,079 in 2011.

The group said harvests had been "severely affected" by early frosts during the year as well as a "long, cool, wet summer".

Despite this, Chapel Down was still served on tables at the Brit Awards, Taste London and at Jamie Oliver's Festival as well as events linked to the London Olympic Games.

The company also exported its wine and beer to markets such as Japan, Finland and the United Arab Emirates.

Paul Brett, the chairman, said: "Last year was a great showcase for all things British. Demand for our wines exceeds our ability to supply, and in 2012 this has been even more pronounced.

"We do, of course, want this to remain the case, even as we increase supply, and we will continue to invest in our brand to ensure we are best placed to thrive."