Tesco scraps 'unexpected item in the bagging area' as self-checkouts switch to less 'frustrating' audio

The new voice is friendlier, Tesco said

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Tesco is to replace the audio on its self checkout machines with one that is "friendlier, more helpful and less talkative". It will also scrap the infamous alert “unexpected item in the bagging area” that was introduced with the self-checkout machines in 2003.

Tesco said it was making the change to the 12,000 machines in operation because some customers found the current voice was shouty and irritating.

Six unhelpful phrases have been removed, including ‘please take your items’. ‘Thank you for shopping at Tesco’ has been added.

James Dewen, the self-service checkout operations manager, said that the customers found the current voice frustrating.

“It’s listened to by millions of customers every week, so we’ve acted on customer and colleague feedback and worked hard to get the new voice right to improve the shopping trip,” he said.

Fresh audio has already been installed in some stores in Hatfield, Peterborough, Edinburgh and Kensington. The remainder of Tesco stores will switch by the end of October.